SMS Valentine

Kumpulan SMS Valentine

I cant imagine being with anyl, but U! “BMV”

Bersamamu, setiap hari adalah Valentine.

Aku tahu SMS ini tdk cukup utk menyampaikan rasa sayangku padamu.”HappyValentine”.

Stlh smua yg kau berikan, rasanya terlalu pelit jika hari ini aku tdk mengucapkan kata cinta padamu. “Happy Valentine”.

“Happy Valentine”. Terima kasih pd ibumu yg telah melahirkan kamu.

Hari ini, di Hari Valentine, setiap satu jam sekali aku akan kirimkan SMS cinta untukmu.

Kuharap batu hatimu terkikis, krn setiap pagi selalu kutetesi kasih. Happy Valentine’s Day.

U’ll always be mine 4now & 4ever. U’ll always be mine 4 Ur my treasure. If U’ll always be mine plz tell me d truth. N 2nite, Plz BMV!

I’m nothing without U…. PLz Be My Valentine.

As long as we have 2morrow, our dreams will never fade.

Aku tak dpt hidup tanpamu… krn sesungguhnya kaulah nafas hidupku…. “HappyValentine”.

Without U in my life I’d be empty inside.Without U I’d have nothing 2 look 4ward 2.Thank U 4 everything U’ve shown me about what true love can really B! “HappyValentine” & IOWAN2BWU

Valentine’s Day comes once a year. But my love U, lasts all year, every year…

Valentine’s Day is 4 U 2 let Ur heart do the talking ! Pour Ur heart out 2 the one U’ve fal 4, make Ur sweetheart feel special N celebrate the most powerful emotion on earth, love.

Unlimited my love just 4 U. Unlimited my heart only 2 U, give me 2 brave U, guard U, 4ever U! HappyValentine’s Day….

We gain N lose things evryday. But trust me on 1 thing: U’ll never lose me coz U’ll always B my Valentine.

Having U in my life has been an answered prayer. HappyValentine my sweetheart….

I’m thankful 4 the life I have.The life I have with U, my Valentine….

I didn’t know I LV U till I heard myself telling so, 4 one instance I thought,”Good God, what have I said ?” N then I knew it was true.

A part of U has grown in me N so U see, it’s U N me 2gether, 4rver N never a part, maybe in distance, but never in heart.
It’s 2 love’N impossible be wise.

Valentine, I wanna be U’rs…… Plz, be mine?

Being with U puts me on cloud 9. Honey, plz BMV. 2 the 1 I love…. Happy Valentine’s day!

U make my heart bubble over with happiness, “HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!”

“Happy Valentine” This is just a little note 2 say how much I appreciate U night N day.

Being with U is a constant state of bliss! “Happy Valentine” & TMIY

U bring happiness 2 my life each N every day. Ur Laughter, Ur Love, U shine down upon me each every way. Be My Valentine.

When I am with U, ‘N hugging U,time stops’N I leave this earth’N I am in heaven. Happy Valentine’s day!

Maybe it was d 4 leaf clover or probably my good luck charm. It could have been d lucky star or it must have been all taken 2gether that I found somel as special as U!

I just wanted 2 say…. U’re the best thing that ever happened 2 me! “Happy Valentine’s Day”.

Thinking of U makes me smile.Thinking of U’N me 2gethter makes me blush…. So BMV, plz….??

We are made 4 each other, I know this is true. This love that I have, was intended 4 U.”Happy Valentine’s Day”.

My life is 4 me but my heart is 4 U.

My soul’s ambition is 2 love U. Love U with all my heart, my mind, and with all my strength.

I’ll be Ur crying shoulder, I’ll be love suicide, l’ll be better when I’m older, I’ll be the greatest fan of Ur life N I’ll be Ur Valentine….

U’re the cherry on my sundae.

Listen 2 my heart: can U hear it sing, telling me 2 give U everything. Seasons may change, winter 2 spring, but I LV U till the end of time.”Happy Valentine’s Day”.

4 me, U’re the Queen, the rest is just the rest. Plz, BMV?

The rose that U gave me has faded N wilted away. But the love tucked in deep inside remains in my heart 4ever.

I would give up anything just 2 be with U, my Valentine_…

Bunga mawar yang kuberikan ini akan layu dan mati, tp tidak cintaku pada mu yang akan tumbuh abadi di taman hatimu.

Bunga mawar yang kuberikan ini akan layu dan mati, tp dirimu akan tetap abadi di dalam hatiku.

Everyday is Valentine with U beside me. The rose had wilted but let U be mine.

I will give U water if U will share Ur wine. N I will feed Ur heart if U promise 2 feed mine.

There’s this rose in a garden that I cant part. 4 U’re that rose N the garden is my heart.

What I need 2 live is given 2 me by the earth, but what I need 2 live 4 is given 2 me by U.

U have the key 2 my heart baby’N no one is coming inside my world but U. Plz BMV?

U’re my first star at night, N I’d be lost in space without U in my valentine’s day.

I LV U coz I am sensitive 2 touch N U have touched my heart!

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