SMS Romantis (2)

SMS Romantis Part 2
Kumpulan SMS Romantis bagian kedua.

Love is a box waiting 2 be opened by the right recipient.

Self sacrifice is the greatest expression of love.

Some people say that when U are in love, U must always hold hands. But when it’s true love, U dont need to ‘coz U just know that the other hand will always be there.

Love is like war:… Easy to start… Difficult to end… & Impossible to forget…!!

True love comes quietly without banners or flashing lights. If U hear bells, get Ur ears checked.

Never have I been so surrendering 2 a feeling. I must admit this is sweet surrender… this’s true love.

Love needs no map, 4 it can find its way blindfolded.

Take away d trials, take away d pain, take away d sorrow, take away d emptiness N U’ll find true love.

True love is when U love a person more than U love Urself.

Love is when U find someone that U cant live without N U cant even imagine what Ur life would be like without them.

True love is when U love a person with no particular reason.

Love is running into Ur one true love after 20 vears and it feals like only yesterday U were in his arms.

Is it fair 2 expect a child 2 recognize their true love when they come F2F with them? That would be wisdom indeed.

Love is a bird, she needs 2 fly.

Go ahead N say it “ILVU”. U can say it a thousand times. But true love doesn’t need 2 b told.

Death cant stop true love, it can only delay it 4 a litte while. (The Princess Bride)

If love is so important 2 have that 1 doesn’t want 2 love it, why is it when we find true love we ofter dont notice it?

True love can only be expressed when both partners love each other.

True love is the strongest emotion that cant be broken.

2 love somel is nothing. 2 be loved by somel is something. 2 love N b loved by somel is everything.

True love is like a rainbow in the sky that always has different colors.

True love is unconditional and everlasting, it is established over time N validated with memories of the past.

Maybe God wants us 2 meet a few wrong people be4 meeting the right one, so that when we finally meet the person, we will know how 2 be grateful.

The true love is only in the mind… never 2 be real unless it flows in the heart.

If U truly love her, if U ever break-up, Ur heart will always go on. That is true love.

Countless words, not countless actions could ever define my feelings 4 U.True love defies definition.

If lovis divine, true love U are. If love art mine, then mine U are.

Love is like a sweet flower, true love is a sweet rose…

True love comes but once. Grab it while U can, 4 when it will never pass again.

Love is 2 think about someone else more times in a day than U think about Urself.

Al True love is something U feel deep inside, a feeling that U find impossible 2 hide.

A true friend is a true love.

True love endures, if it does not, then it was never true.

True love is a high & holy principle, altogether different in character from that love which is awakened by impulse & which suddenly dies when severely tested. (Ellen G.White)

Love is not how long U’ve been 2gether; not how much U’ve given or received; not how many times U’ve helped each other. It’s how U value each other…

True Love, iike many things, can only be seen in the eyes of the beholder. It cant be jealous, proud, or anxious; it’s what is found in the depths of Ur heart, N longs only 4 one whose heart longs 4 the same things as Ur own.

True love is out there and it looks 4 no one. So go get it.

The course of true love never did run smooth. (Shakespeare)

If U really love someone, U’re willing 2 let go even if it hurts so bad. N when he/she comes back 2 U, that’s TRUE LOVE.

Love is when U dont want 2 go 2 sleep, coz reality is better than a dream.

Love is like a snowflake, no 2 are alike…

We all need somel who will accept us without questioning who we are…

U’re loved more 2day than yesterday, but not more than U’ll be loved tomorrow.

We need somel in whose presence we can be our ugly selves without having 2 worry about the image we create.

No matter how hard things seem, true love will aide U through it.

Love inspires, encourages, gives heart 2 grow, helps 2 think more kindly & 2 live more graciously.

There is a saying that goes: U dont have 2 Iove in words, coz even through the silences, love is always heard!

It’s true that we dont know what we’ve got until it’s gone, but it’s also true that we dont know what we’ve been missing until it arrives.

Love is a verb, so make Ur words ‘N actions match the feelings of Ur heart when U love someone.Tell them, show them, love them.

Cinta & kehampaan dlm diri bagaikan pasang surut air laut.

Loving someone with all Ur heart, isn’t enough. Show them with Ur actions!

Love is, above all, the gift of one self.

If U love something…. let it go, if it comes back 2 U it was truly meant 2 be.

Love is like the five loaves N the two fishes. It doesn’t start 2 multiply until U give it away.

Learn from yesterday, live 4 2day, hope 4 tomorrow.

Love is stronger than death.

Mencintai berarti telah meraih sebagian surga.

2 be loved is 2 live 4ever in somel’s heart.

Love under the stars, they seem very far, but U’re the closest star I love the most.

A gentle hand, a secret touch on the heart.A healing hand, a secret touch on the heart.

Saat kau mencintai seseorang seperti cintanya padamu, maka kaupun akan bertambah cantik.

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